Gallery - WBSB-2016

Accepted Papers

Plenary/ Keynote Lecture

Title of Talk: Patterns of microsatellite distribution, phylogenetic relationships and evolution of complexity
Talk Delivered by: Dr. Rakesh K. Mishra

Title of Talk: Genomics approaches for understanding the biology of agronomic traits and translational research for crop improvement
Talk Delivered by: Dr. Mukesh Jain

Title of Talk: Single-cell transcriptomics – new opportunities for clinical medicine
Talk Delivered by: Dr. Vladimir Brusic

Title of Talk: Computational Gastronomy: The emerging data science of food, flavors, and health
Talk Delivered by: Dr. Ganesh Bhimanna Bagler

Title of Talk: LncRNA from Clinical Exomes: A Myth Busted in the Age of Systems Genomics Era
Talk Delivered by: Dr. Prasanth Survajhala

Title of Talk: N-H…N Hydrogen Bonds in Protein Structures: Structural Bioinformatics Combined with Quantum Chemical Calculations
Talk Delivered by: Dr. R. Shankaramakrishnan

Title of Talk: Personalized Medicine in Cancer Treatment: Hype or Hope
Talk Delivered by: Dr. Kapil Mehta


Accepted list of papers and posters with titles:

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